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For a limited time only, if you move your Medical Negligence claim to us from another firm we will deduct 0% of your compensation.

This means that you will recover 100% of your compensation and we will limit our costs to those that we recover from the Defendants.

Medical Negligence

Have you been the victim of Medical Negligence? Contact Phoenix Solicitors here and start your claim today.


Serious Injury

Have you suffered a Catastrophic or Serious Injury? Speak to the Serious Injury experts here and start your claim today.


Motorcycle Accidents

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Read some of the lovely testimonials from our happy clients below:

Thanks for your support Alisha, fingers crossed I won’t need it again but wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who does.

Lora J

OMG! Alisha is an amazing advocate. I instructed her a few days ago to attend what may have been a difficult application hearing. She provided excellent preparation guidance and advice. My application included costs in the case which I thought was very reasonable. However, at the hearing, she managed to convince the Judge to go behind the application and make an unexpected costs order. I was totally lost for words when she rang to tell me. Alisha is better than your ‘average’ Counsel and must be instructed on all hearings.

Philip N

Really want to thank Alisha Butler for the hard work and dedication she put into winning my claim! I really couldnt recommend her enough!

Emma C

Thank you so much to Alisha and the team at Phoenix for all their hard work, You literally took the hassle and worry away. I knew that you were only at the end of the phone if I was concerned. I will definitely recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you so very much, good luck and the warmest wishes for the future.

Jay T

Can’t thank Alisha and the team at Phoenix enough for fighting my corner after a PPI company fraudulently claimed they d done work on my behalf then tried to bully me into paying their invoice… I felt very intimidated by them and had it not been for Alisha I would have had to put myself in debt to pay the invoice. Heartfelt thanks x

Louise T

Phoenix did my PPI and mortgage mis selling claim. Other firms wanted 33% Phoenix only took 25% and did all the hard work I just filled in a firm and got thousands back in weeks. I would deffo recommend them. No hassle, contactable even on weekends. Can’t recommend them enough.

Pete B

I’ve been so impressed with Alisha since I moved to her from my previous solicitor. She communicates regularly, is really efficient & I actually feel I’m getting somewhere now instead of feeling I’m being fobbed off. Cannot recommend her highly enough!!

Jennie M

Had tried in vain to get my deposit returned after my tenancy. Four weeks of stress and no responses from the agent. Enter Alisha, sorted within 48 hours. If Carlsberg made Solicitors!

Pete M

Amazing solicitor and firm which looks out for their client in a person centred, caring and compassionate way. Looking after their clients best interest and excelling at getting maximum compensation!

Kate M

Approximately 12 months ago, I contacted Alisha to help me.  I was really struggling…I was upset…because of how poorly I had become.

Through Alisha’s gentleness, understanding and outright empathy, I was able to discuss my requirements, talk even through the sobs and be empowered to stand my ground for my wellness and wellbeing.

In the past 12 months, I have had to talk to Alisha on a few occasions and each time, she has been spectacular in the way she has handled me and my moods…I have struggled at times to keep supporting Alisha in fighting for me and yet she always found a way for me to stay standing and do what was the correct thing for me.

Today, she rang me with a final outcome that myself and my husband are pleased with…Her determination to do the best for me and to make sure that I was empowered to keep going (if I wanted to) has just been above and beyond.

B. Slater

Dear Alisha, I cannot thank you enough for all your very hard work. It was 3yrs yesterday when mum passed away. You are always there for me and I know that you will get justice for mum.

P Houghton

Wow. Thank you so so much. I never expected that in a million years. Thank you so so much. X

R Manning

Latest News.

Check out our latest news articles below.

CMA Investigates Mis-selling of Leasehold Properties

CMA investigates mis-selling of leasehold properties

Despite the initial refusal, the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has finally began to investigate possible mis-selling in the leasehold property market, reports The Times and The Daily Mail online.

This decision was made after up to 100,000 families were left with crippling ground rents.

The investigation is looking at whether people who were sold a leasehold property received all the necessary information to fully understand their future obligations.

All leasehold buyers should […]

By |June 21st, 2019|Categories: Compensation, leaseholds, Rent, Solicitors|Comments Off on CMA Investigates Mis-selling of Leasehold Properties

Millions of UK Consumers Could Claim Compensation from Mastercard

Millions of UK consumers could claim compensation from Mastercard

Two years ago, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) rejected Walter Merricks’ claim against Mastercard.

Mr Merricks, 73, has taken legal actions against Mastercard on behalf of consumers.

The former financial ombudsman argues that 46 million UK consumers paid higher prices in shops between 1992 and 2008 due to the allegedly excessive interchange fees that Mastercard charged businesses for processing card transactions.

The European Commission ruled these fees unlawful in […]

By |June 18th, 2019|Categories: Claim, Compensation, Solicitors|Comments Off on Millions of UK Consumers Could Claim Compensation from Mastercard

Listeria Outbreak Resulted in Deaths

Listeria outbreak resulted in deaths.

Three out of six seriously ill patients died at the Aintree University Hospital and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trusts, following a listeria outbreak.

The Daily Mail online has reported that the outbreak has been linked to The Good Food Chain’s sandwich and salads supplied at the 43 NHS trusts in the UK.

Some of the products were given to the hospital patients, while others were sold on the premises.

The first listeria case showed […]

By |June 13th, 2019|Categories: Clinical Negligence, Compensation, Hospitals, NHS, Solicitors|Comments Off on Listeria Outbreak Resulted in Deaths

Home Lip Filler Procedure Goes Wrong

At-home Lip filler procedure sends a Manchester woman to hospital.

Before getting a cosmetic procedure, it is important to do your research about the treatment and possible risks. Manchester Evening News reported a story in April 2019 that is a great example of what can happen when you receive subpar service.

A 29-year-old Christina Burton went through a £75 at-home, 1ml lip filler procedure in September 2018. Before the treatment, she had a numbing cream applied […]

By |June 10th, 2019|Categories: Claim, Compensation, Medical, Solicitors|Comments Off on Home Lip Filler Procedure Goes Wrong

NHS Nurse Staged Crash For Cash Scam

NHS nurse staged ‘crash for cash’ scam to receive claim compensation.

The term ‘crash for cash’ refers to people deliberately crashing into other vehicles or submitting false accident claims, says RAC. Their goal is to receive as much money as possible from the fraud.

These scammers do not only receive money they are not entitled to, but they also put people’s lives in danger. Unfortunately, crash for cash scams have become more popular over the years.

In […]

By |June 7th, 2019|Categories: Accident, Legal, Personal Injury, Solicitors|Comments Off on NHS Nurse Staged Crash For Cash Scam

Grandmother Loses All Her Limbs From Paper Cut

Grandmother had all four limbs amputated after contracting sepsis.

Sepsis can often develop from the smallest of things. A simple paper cut can result in infection and could lead to amputation.

In 2018, 54-year-old’s Marguerite Henderson from Fife, Scotland contracted sepsis from a paper cut, reported the Mirror.

On 25 February 2018, the 54-year-old cut her right-hand’s index finger.

Few days later the small cut caused her to feel unwell. The former nurse began to be unable to walk, […]

By |June 4th, 2019|Categories: Accident|Comments Off on Grandmother Loses All Her Limbs From Paper Cut

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